Monday, November 22, 2010

Sexy Time Chicken Parm

So as my first I'll post one of my husbands favs and one of the simplist recipes I make ;)

You will need:
About 1 cup vegitable oil
4 chicken breast boneless and skinless
Flour for dusting
2 large eggs
About a cup italian seasoned bread crumbs
Your favorite pasta sauce (ill post a from scratch recipe, later)
1 package shredded mottz

On a stove top place oil in skillet and let heat. In 3 seperate dishes you should have flour, eggs beaten, and breadcrumbs you can add salt and pepper if you want but the seasoned ones usually don't need any extra. Take 2 pieces of wax paper and put one breast in the middle, you want to beat your meat (haha) til it about a quarter inch thick then you are ready to start :) preheat your oven to 350 while preparing the breast. Take the chicken breast and pat it both side in the dry flour, this dries the skin and helps the egg wash work a little better from the flour dip it in the egg wash test a few bread crumbs in your oil to see if it bubbles around it, if so you are ready to go, take the chicken from the egg wash and pat both sides into the italian seasoned crumbs, get a good coat on there and transfer to the hot oil, bothsides should only be 2 to 3 mins, just to get them to a nice golden brown. Switch the breast from the skillet to a greased baking dish or cookie sheet pour fair amounts of your sauce choice on top and bake for 35 mins add shredded cheese and bake 10 more until the cheese is browning and WaLa chicken parmesean the easy way, I like to serve it over lenguinne, and as a side take french cut green beans drained heat on the stovetop with 2 cubes velvetta cheese til it melts then throw in some bluecheese crumbles to give it sort of a kick. Top it off with some home made garlic rolls, you have yourself a 30 dollar meal at a 5 star restaurant, right in your kitchen:) not too mention this dish gets me smothered with affection ;x let me know what you think or if there is anything you'd like me to post? Im up for all delishious recipes... Well that was fun wonder what I'll post tomorrow...MUAH

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